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Invisible Fitted Bed Sheet Clips

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Say good bye to a messy beddings! The Invisible Fitted Bed Sheet Clips will help you keep your bed sheet cover tucked in without damaging the fabrics. It is easy to install and very convenient to use.

Needle-Free Holder
Needles and pins are not good to your bed sheets. This clip holder is designed with smooth rounded edges that will protect your bed cover while firmly clipping it together with the mattress.

Strong Hold
These bed sheet clips has an upgraded design with a zigzag tucker to prevent it from being detached. It can withstand up to 20kilogram of pulling force.

Fast Installation
Fast to install which makes it very convenient when changing the bedsheet. It can be clipped to thin or thick fabrics.

Material: Food Grade PP
Size: 10cm x 7cm x 4.5cm

6PCS/12PCS/18PCS x  Invisible Fitted Bed Sheet Clips