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High Carbon 3CR13 Steel Cleaver

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 The Cleaver knife can meet your daily needs like mincing, chopping, slicing, cleaving meats, bone, steak, fish, vegetables and fruits. It has a High Carbon Premium Steel that features an ultra-sharp blades which helps you cut smoothly with ease.

With its incredible robustness and quality it will let you easily break down tendons and bones. It is also perfect for dicing, slicing, pounding, and mincing of a variety of other foods.

Premium Material
The blade of the cleaver is made of High Carbon 3CR13 Steel, which makes them good at resisting abrasion and retaining shape. This premium material will give the blade the hardness and strength needed to hold up against impact and wear.

Exquisite Leather Case
The provided leather case is designed with precision craftmanship. It protects the blade and makes it convenient to carry when fishing, camping, or hiking.

Material: Leather,  3CR13 Steel

Size: 22x6cm

1 x High Carbon 3CR13 Steel Cleaver 
1 x High Carbon 3CR13 Steel Cleaver 
1 x Leather Case